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What is Tax Credit Financing?


An investment in the film project is made at the start of or during production by Tax Credit Funding. This provides cash to producers when they need it most. Terms and structures vary, but tax credit financing is simply a loan secured by state film tax incentives.  Once the state film tax credits are monetized, the proceeds are used to pay back the loan and the remaining balance is paid to the production.

Bottom Line:  Producers have access to cash at any time the need arises from the start of production through to the monetization of their film tax credits.


Above and beyond providing funds for tax credits before, during or after production, a few other key services offered are as follows:
  • Analyze budgets to determine the range of tax credits likely to be generated in a particular state.
  • Assist with the initial and final certification of the project.
  • Serve as a liaison between a project’s independent CPA firm and the state, where applicable.
  • Work with completion bond guarantors monitoring expenditures to ensure spending properly maximizes the amount of film tax credits.

    For further information, please contact:
    Noel Paynter @  npaynter@taxcreditfunding.com or (602) 570-5899
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